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If you want to meet a great woman you can build a future with, you’ve come to the right place. 

Since 2003, I’ve been helping men meet and attract amazing women- the kind of women that make for great girlfriends, wives, and true partners in the greatest sense of that word. 

           Attracting This Kind Of Woman Is Different Than “Hooking-Up” With Women

As you may already know, this is very different than just trying to get into bed with women. There are those who will try to tell you that it’s all the same thing, but nothing can be further from the truth.

A promiscuous woman is looking for a man who will keep things as light as possible without deep connections or thoughts about the future.  

A woman who is looking to truly give of herself to a man, and to work hard with him to make a future together, is looking for a man who is ready for that journey on every level.

                                               Introducing My Online Forum:
Direct Access To My Coaching, Plus Network With Those Committed To The Same Goals

And now, through my new online FORUM, you can gain personal access every DAY to my coaching as well as the chance to network with men around the WORLD who share this common goal of self-development in finding and attracting the RIGHT kind of women instead of just “hooking up” with women.

                                Direct Answers From Me For All Your Questions

Through the Forum, you will receive my latest insights, you will be able to ask any question you want on these topics as well as other related topics of self-improvement such as fitness and health, and get your questions answered by me, plus you will receive the insights and experience of other men around the world who have been in the same situations you have experienced.   

Maybe you have a question about what to do in a situation with a woman you've already met. Perhaps you have a question about how to approach women in certain environments. Maybe you've been doing amazing with a particular woman and something major is coming up and you don't want to mess up.

No matter what your question is, chances are I've dealt with it over the years and can help in the blink of an eye. Plus, you get the benefit of the combined experience of all the men on the Forum as well, some of whom are incredible students who are amazing with fantastic insights as well.  

                                Staying MOTIVATED On Your Journey To Success

In addition to the immensely helpful CONTENT on the Forum, and in addition to getting your questions answered, the Forum is also a place that will keep you MOTIVATED on your journey to success with women. 

Success is never about just one action, but rather about taking continued, ongoing ACTION- and in order to KEEP on taking action, it helps infinitely to have a source of MOTIVATION along your journey. 

The FORUM will give you that motivation as well. You'll get encouragement, you'll be inspired by others, and as you grow in skill and success you will get the satisfaction of inspiring others as well. 

                                  Special Offers Only Available To Forum Members

Plus, members of the Forum are eligible for special offers on my programs, including my live-bootcamps, personal phone consultations, and my digital home-study programs.

                                Membership Is Only For Those Genuine And Serious

The Forum is only for men who are serious about getting the right women in their lives, and members of the Forum will be expected to show the highest level of respect for fellow members and for the principles of logic and evidence.  Any rude behavior or irrational discussions will result in termination of membership.

Also, the Forum is a positive place, and not a place for hate against anyone.

In other words, this is a classy place.  

There is no other Forum like this, for this purpose, on the planet.

                                                    What’s All This Going To Cost?

How much is meeting, attracting, and KEEPING an amazing woman in your life worth to you? Personally, I think that the value is INFINITE, as being with an amazing woman gives you the energy, passion, and courage to truly get the MOST out of life.

I’m spending my time and my energy giving personal attention to everyone on the Forum, and my standard consultation rate in person is $1000 per hour. And yet, if you join the Forum NOW (as it may eventually reach a point where I can’t handle the traffic and won’t be able to accept any more new members) you can get this personal access for $9.97 a month. That’s about 33 cents a day.

If meeting the most amazing woman is not worth the cost of a breath mint to a guy, then perhaps he isn’t truly ready yet to meet and attract that woman.

                                                                How It All Works

Just click the link at the bottom of this page, which will take you the order and membership payment page. Once you have signed up and completed payment, you will then receive an email within 12 hours with all the details you need for accessing and using the Forum, including your username and password.

To gain membership and access all the features of the Forum, you will be charged $9.97 monthly, and if you are not MORE than satisfied with the experience, you can cancel your membership anytime and you will not be charged again.  A simple email letting me know, and it’s done, no hassle, and no questions asked. 

The Forum allows you to not only interact with me, but with all the other members as well. You can text, you can chat, you can use audio.  Whatever you find easiest and most comfortable. The Forum is complete with all the "bells and whistles", allowing you to do all this and to easily incorporate and link  videos and social media. You will have a top-tier experience with the best technology.

Success with women, as it is in every other area of life, comes faster when you have the right TEAM supporting you and that has the same mutual goal as you.

There is no more effective way to be a part of that team than by joining my FORUM dedicated to mastering this important part of life known as "getting the right woman".

I look forward to seeing you there.

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Michael Marks

               Proof In Real Life          

                   Erik, Roger and Wayne get instruction from Michael.
                                        TORONTO STAR:                                                        
                    Article By Judy Steed, Photo By Carlos Osorio

"And what did they learn from Michael?  "A lot", says Erik.
..."I've gotten over a lot of my fears." ...Roger took what he
 learned...homing in on the object of his desire... "It worked!
This is an earth-shattering achievement for me...and I was
still very much myself..."
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